Ericka Dunlap isn't a career politician.
But she is a real person with a strong voice and a passion to make a difference.

As a resident and business owner in District 5, this campaign is more than a race to hold political office. It's about using her influence as a megaphone for the people she interacts with every day. The ones she is doing life with. She has an ear to listen and more than that, a heart to make changes. Real changes for the people in her community. She's been doing it for over 25 years. And now she's ready to do it for you.

Here are the issues that Ericka holds in highest prioirity for District 5:




With unemployment rates at historic highs, how to create more jobs in the country is a matter of high priority. What role should local government play in job creation?

I believe that more governmental regulation and support, especially at the local level, can help create an economy where more jobs will exist and more residents of District 5 can find full-time employment.

I believe in providing aid to the long-term unemployed, raising the minimum wage to help those that do have jobs make a stronger quality of life and a solid living.

Furthermore, I discourage the outsourcing of jobs through new tax policies, and encourage the protection of union rights and the rights of low-income workers.

Together, I believe that we can work together to move these initiatives forward and we can increase employment rates and heal the economy and experience a thriving job growth for District 5 and the city of Orlando.
“With economic success comes a successful and secure community.” This statement by the late Orlando native, historian and scholar, Leroy Argrett, Jr. is a relevant statement that remains as a cornerstone concept of many distressed communities. Economic success will be achieved when there is a balance and flow of growth opportunity and adequate community education to West Orlando residents and small business owners.

Access to working capital—which is used to keep operations going and to pay bills—could mean the difference between the success and failure of a business. It is vital that local government supports educational initiatives to enhance the small business community’s ability to compete for and perform contracts as well as moving forward to provide hundreds of new jobs. In fact, access to capital is one of the most important challenges business owners face.

Additionally, Community Civic Education is necessary to equip Orlando residents with critical information so that they are informed, engaged and responsible members of their communities. My goal is to support residents with consistent education on how they can play an active role in preserving peace of mind and quality of life through various city-led initiatives.

I am dedicated to improving housing affordability. My goal is to work hard for the people of District 5 to find increased funding. We must find more local resources to help the people struggling most with affordable housing.

My goal is to ease local barriers to building new affordable rental housing developments in this community and provide greater economic opportunity.

There is a battle raging for low-density zoning regulations that make below-market housing difficult or impossible to construct in certain areas, including District 5.

There is much work to be done, and building market-rate housing is a key part of any affordability strategy. I will work to see that reasonable housing opportunities are created for the residents of the District that are safe, affordable and reliable.

Everyone deserves a place to call home.
I’ll work to see that they get one.